About Us

The phrase l’homme moyen (“average man,” roughly) was coined in 1835 by Adolphe Quetelet to describe a man possessing average physical, intellectual, and moral capabilities. Since then, the term has been re-appropriated by courts of law to determine how a “reasonable person” should behave, based on the values his community has set forth and the considerations that his specific situation demands.

At HeMan Tools, we’ve re-appropriated the term yet again. We think a “reasonable person” would want to wrangle life with exceptional tools in his or her hands. A “reasonable person” would appreciate originality and expect his equipment to pass all tests of quality, artistry, and durability.

Take the “reasonable man” test to the next level or three, and you’ll understand the HeMan brand. Some would call our quality overkill; so be it. You will give these products to your heirs. Our products come with the lifetime guarantee of a full refund if you are not satisfied; our service commitment is for you to test. We are not perfect, but we will try to exceed your expectations.

HeMan is the heart and soul of our customers. We strive for artistic craftsmanship and multi-purpose, creative use of existing commodities. We think long and hard about our products and the stories of those who inspire, design, make, and acquire them.

We think you’ll enjoy life with HeMan tools in your hands.