Battery Jumper Cables


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This is the product that inspired HeMan Tools. After purchasing my first car at the age of 17, my father made me a set of jumper cables to keep in my trunk. Many vehicles later, they are still in my trunk. They have never failed me. I’ve gone up to people who were failing to jump-start a car with lesser cables, attached my cables, and then proudly watched the disabled car then start right up. The only change we made to the HeMan cables is that they are longer than the ones my father made for me. We took a 3/4-ton pickup, pulled it up behind a large sedan (rather than side-by-side), and then measured the length of the cable necessary to make the jump. We used the same one-gauge cable and the same super heavy-duty clamps. These are made in America, from components made in America. Guaranteed for life. You will give these cables to your heirs.

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