Blizzard Hunter by Shawn McIntyre



Gorgeous, handmade blizzard hunter from Australia-based master bladesmith Shawn McIntyre:

“Earlier this year I tried a different approach to making Damascus, and while it sounds a little convoluted, it was great fun. Essentially you take a low layer Damascus bar, forge it round, turn it on the lathe to get thousands of chips, stuff these into a steel can under 50 tons of pressure, seal it and then forge weld it. The result in this case is what I call the blizzard pattern. The fittings for this hunter are in high contrast pure nickel Damascus. Using thick pieces of pure nickel emphasizes the pattern, and while this can present a challenge or two during forging, the results on this knife make it worthwhile. The stag has some lovely texture and fits in the hand well.”

Blade is 4 inches long; overall length is 8 inches. Comes with a handmade, fully-lined, pouch-style sheath. Heirloom-quality collector’s item.

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