Fire Ring & Outdoor Fireplace, Flower Pot or Sweet Potato Propagator


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Introducing the HeMan Fire Ring, Outdoor Fireplace, Flower Pot, Bird Bath, Fountain, Sink, Sweet Potato Propagator, or Beer Cooler:  made from an iron and manganese cone that measures approximately 4.5 feet in width (diameter) at the “top” and 18 inches in width (diameter) at the “bottom,” or at the smaller end of the cone. The metal surface is approximately 2 inches thick.

Sizes vary. Some stand at one foot high; most are two feet from the ground. Each weighs approximately 1,000 pounds and can hold several wheel barrels of dirt or mulch if used as a flower pot. These can be used as the base for a controlled brush fire or can easily hold enough logs to produce all the heat and excitement you want, short of a forest fire! These cones are massive and especially beautiful when faced with rock.

When used as a fire ring (or as a flower pot), the cone is placed small end down, wide end up. This creates the perfect storm for wood burning, or irrigation, as gravity pulls the coals or water down into the drain. This is the perfect brush pile fire for city slickers! Each fire we’ve ever started in one of these cones has completely burned down to ash by the next morning. Our friends on the prairie particularly like the added protection from wind that the heavy cones allow.

As a flower pot, these are wonderful for any type of gardening – we use them for both vegetables and flowers. Since the top is elevated from the ground, weeding is easy. These are also good as a base for placing multiple pots of flowers to make a huge flower display – think twenty poinsettias stacked side by side. They are especially good for growing sweet potatoes – sweet potatoes love the heat which radiates from the metal and are easy to dig from the cone shape.

For a bird bath, weld a steel plate 2.5 inches below the top of the wide end of the cone.

For a sink, fountain, or beer cooler, weld a plate at the bottom and add a drain.

Figure 1,000 pounds for shipping. You will need a forklift or a tractor. $495 for a cone strapped to a pallet and picked up at our dock in North Little Rock, Arkansas. Or, we’ll ship it to you at your expense.