Handmade Dirt Knife



This is one hoss of a knife – but it’s also a gardening tool!

This dirt knife will quickly become your go-to knife. One side of the blade is finely sharpened; the other side is serrated with hand chiseling.

The whole knife is 12″ long, so it makes an awesome quasi-Bowie. But it’s also a soil or hori hori knife, so it’s ideal for gardening. Hand-filed serrations rip open packaging and anything else. With the concave blade, sneak up on that dandelion or briar root, and then use the serrated blade to shake loose any topsoil stuck to the roots.

Pull on it like a plow or shovel. Cut out quart-size transplant cuttings as though you were automated. Plant seeds or saplings by plunging the blade into the dirt and then pulling it back and forth to make room.

Keep this knife in the door side of your vehicle for sticky situations – the serrated blade can cut a seat belt, while the full tang handle end can break out a glass window. When it dulls, you can bring it back up with a stone – not like those stainless versions everyone else sells.

Cold-treated blued steel. Full-tanged handle made from black walnut.

Includes handmade slim leather sheath so that it can fit inside your pants or on your belt and not go anywhere, even as you climb into your vehicle.

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