HeMan Handkerchiefs (3-Pack)



Whether I had a snotty nose, a cut finger, or a tendency to get more milk around my mouth instead of actually inside it, my dad always had the remedy close by: his handkerchief. It was folded so squarely and perfectly next to his wallet, keys, and a lucky buckeye that it could not be detected until he reached into his pocket and produced it. And because I was his daughter and my bodily messes were an extension of his by default, he’d clean me up, smile, and wordlessly slip the the folded square back into his pocket, milk spots and all.

His handkerchiefs were as much a part of our adventures as his pocket knives or oversize flannel shirts. The look and smell of them still remind me of being outdoors, of feeling nameless and wild as my small feet roamed the forest floor but secretly comforted by his towering presence a few steps behind me, should I need protection from bears or help identifying poisonous plants and snakes.

Just like every HeMan should have a handy, multi-purpose tool in his back pocket for expeditions great and small, so should every HeMan carry his own handkerchief at all times, whether to wipe the sweat from his brow or dab the corners of his daughter’s milk-stained mouth.

My handbag has carried around many products in the interest of keeping my surroundings relatively tidy, but so far none work as well my dad’s handkerchief. It’s classy, all-purpose, and endlessly reusable, and the sight of it in my purse alone makes me feel as though I’m passing along some great bit of survival knowledge that has come down the line from great-grandfathers I never knew. And despite all the lip gloss, lotion, and other hallmarks of femininity tucked away in my bag, it’s the handkerchief and the lucky buckeye that make me feel the most like my adventurous self, like the girl running carefree in the woods with her dad always close behind.

22″ square. 100% cotton with HeMan silk screen brand logo.

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Made in America.

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