Laguiole Hunting Knife & Sommelier




There are lots of good knife-makers in Laguiole. There are also a lot of impostors who say they’re from Laguiole. And once one discovers the true Laguiole artisans, even of those they all claim to be the oldest, or the best, or the original.

We’ve done our homework, and have found the one. They make two items for us: a lock-blade folder hunting knife and a grand sommelier (wine tool). The knife handle is ebony; the sommelier, ivory. Both come with more engraving and chiseling than you can imagine. They both have the signature HeMan logo hand-forged into the back and the signature bull engraved onto the blade. Knife comes with a leather holster, and sommelier is enclosed in Laguiole wooden gift box. Knife blade is 12C27 Sandvik stainless, which is the best stainless currently known.


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