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Frustrated by not being able to buy a one-piece, fabric-coated cleaning rod for the .410, ShinyBore founder and CEO Forrest Reynolds decided to make one.  After trial and error(s) and a month of fiddling with different materials, he settled on a 36″ 3/16th steel rod. The problem is they come in 20′ lengths and must be cut and cleaned before the protective tip and handle are applied. After that the polyester fabric is added. Each ShinyBore is painstakingly cut, cleaned, and assembled by hand. Satisfaction is guaranteed.

Remember: A clean gun is a friend!

Small is 12″ long and fits 45 and .410 caliber pistols like the Judge and the Governor, as well as .40, .44, and .454 Casull handguns.

Large is 36″ long and fits .410 and 28 gauge shotguns.

Includes plastic case. Free shipping.

Learn more about these fine products – and their creator, West Texas sharpshooter Forrest Reynolds – at

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